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Welcome To My Angel Card Readings & Coaching Services!

Welcome To My Angel Card Readings & Coaching Services!

Connecting you to the Angelic Realm for guidance, love and empowerment!


Connecting you to the Angelic Realm for guidance, love and empowerment!

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About Donna and My Services


Readings and Services

I offer various intuitive readings for insight or "Angels Choice" for messages from your angels. The two and three card readings will provide deeper understanding of your strengths & gifts. The cards that I'm guided to draw will help you to shift your personal energy and outcome. 

An Angel Guide Session includes an intuitive reading, energetic healing as needed and angelic guidance. I offer a follow-up session for additional information or angelic healing. I will use my years of training and lifetime of experience to empower you on your path. 

Please use the 'Contact Us' form to ask your question for the angels. You can ask about relationships, career, creating more abundance, guidance, healing, spiritual growth, or to provide support to others and to the world.


About Donna Cantone

Welcome! I'm a Certified Angel Guide & Angelic Life Coach. I also hold certifications in Angel Card Mastery, Evidential Mediumship, Reiki II, Feng Shui as an author and educator. Certifications are from prominent spiritual and holistic mentors. I have over 20 years of experience supporting clients while they step into their power, harmonize their home, and live their best life.

I've been seeing, hearing and feeling angels since I was a young child. I possess clairvoyant senses which allow me to connect to angelic guidance. Messages are always loving and positive. I'm passionate about following my spiritual path and assisting others.

I believe your life and your life purpose are sacred! I want you to connect with your angels for life-affirming messages, energy healing and guidance. I will hold a sacred space for you to heal, stand in your power and to expect miracles in your life!  I live my life with purpose and on purpose, and you should too!


What To Expect

Angel Card Readings are completed via email so you can refer to the guidance. Angel Guide Sessions  will include an in-depth intuitive reading and energy healing methods as guided. Once scheduled, we can use Facebook Messenger calls for the session. My intention is to write online Angel classes in the near future. 

Please note:  Donna Cantone is not a medical professional and does not offer medical recommendations. These sessions are not a substitute for counseling, medical or legal advice. There is no responsibility on her part for decisions or actions taken by clients. Clients must be over the age of 18.  


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