Why work with clairvoyant Donna?

I love angels and possess heartfelt spiritual tools


My gifts of deep connection to the angels, clairvoyance skills & strong intuition allow me to provide guidance for angel readings & energetic healing based on many years of spiritual & holistic training. 

I will hold a sacred space for you without judgement and in total confidence.


Let's work together to manifest dreams and miracles! You'll align your energy with the guidance from the angels while setting intentions for what you want to create.  

We will work through any fears or blocks so you'll feel a sense of well-being. I will always remind you of how divinely perfect & powerful you truly are!

Happy Empowered Life


Complete your Angel Guide Session feeling free from stress and worries. You'll have clarity,  confidence and be empowered to move forward manifesting your best life. 

You'll feel the love and support of your angels with a strong connection to the divine. 

The power of your soul is greater than you think!



"Yes I highly recommend Donna. Speaking with her, she is a warm genuine, caring person. Looking forward to her classes coming soon." Em, NJ


" I've known Donna for a long time and have received much insight over the years. She's a good person to know and really cares about what she does!! " Eileen, NJ


"Donna your angel card reading today was comforting and extremely accurate. You are really gifted."  Brenda, NJ


"I was amazed by the angelic wisdom. It was a great angel card reading and I can finally calm down and rest." Kathleen, NJ


"I thought the reading was on track and validated some things I knew about myself. I received additional insight for the present and future."  Mary, NJ


"Your reading was right on point. Many blessings to you!"  Laura, NY


"I thought the angel card reading was awesome and I truly feel I am on the right path."   Anne, CA

You can hear from your angels too!

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